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In the past, buffalo have been much maligned by hunters and authors.  They are not the notoriously dangerous man killers that hunters would have you believe.

However, if the old adage “ an elephant never forgets” is appropriate, then the adage “a buffalo never forgives” is equally appropriate.  When wounded, threatened or ill treated, they have a splendid capacity for evening the score.

In fact, African Buffalo are incredibly intelligent, tactile, affectionate and gregarious animals with exceptional senses of sight, hearing and smell.  Over the years we have been fortunate enough to experience that they also possess exceptional powers of recognition and memory.

Our deep-seated passion for working with these remarkable animals and a commitment to the conservation and genetic diversity of the species has had a significant impact on the breeding of disease free buffalo in South Africa.

Imported Agricultural Machinery

In our pursuit of the very best equipment for our buffalo farming enterprise, we have gained the agencies for some of the best farming equipment available.

All products that we import have been tested under our rigorous agricultural conditions in South Africa. Only machines that excelled make up our imported range.

Please check our imports page for further information on these market-leading brands.


Hunt Africa has remained at the cutting edge of the disease free buffalo industry, claiming a few world firsts. A pure white calf; Heifer twins that were both fertile; And in February 2012, a calf from an artificially inseminated buffalo cow who was inseminated while fully conscious without sedation or restraint.

A relentless passion for these magnificent animals has become our hallmark. We owe our remarkable success to an immensely dedicated staff that have always placed animals first.

Our ground breaking work would never have been possible without the assistance of both state and private veterinarians, and the enormous trust and financial commitment provided by Elandsberg farms.

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