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In 2012 Hunt Africa began testing a wide variety of feed mixers in the interest of making our buffalo farming more efficient. We wanted a very rugged industrial machine with a quick mixing time, low horsepower requirement that was gear driven with a vertical auger. We settled on a SITREX MF20, which we imported from Italy. Before long our buffalo clients, also seeking to improve efficiency, also wanted Sitrex machines.

An idea was born – FarmItaly Imports – to import only the very best quality Italian agricultural machinery to improve farming efficiency. We focus on machines and products that evolve our farming operation and contribute to conservation agriculture.


Over the years, we have tried, tested, and in some cases broken a wide variety of machines and implements on our very rugged mountain farm. Only the best machines, that have survived our gruelling conditions, have made it into our product lines. They are all market leaders on the global stage and offer the South African farmer the most robust machinery at competitive pricing. We provide feedback to our suppliers to continually improve the efficiency and applicability of the lines that we import.

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Quite simply we only import the best quality at the most competitive prices.

Amongst the
Best in class
Contribute to
farming efficiency
Sound relationships
with manufacturers
Tested under
rigorous SA conditions
Retail cost in SA identical to Europe

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