Passion Meets Integrity

When working with buffalo we are constantly aware of the animals’ state of mind and have actively developed systems that allow us to work in the most harmonious environment possible.

The systems we design for our clients serve their interests as much as the animals. Our integrity stems from an absolute passion in working with buffalo and a deep understanding of the animals.

We only do business where we capture, test, load, transport and unload every animal we sell.

We never sell isolated animals and socialize animals according to their own hierarchies.

Moreover, we only sell to farms that we have inspected and into facilities that we have approved.

We transport all animals in our own custom built MAN truck that has been specifically designed for buffalo. 

All compartments are fitted with CCTV cameras as well as adjustable air vents for temperature control. 

There is also a roof irrigation system that can drop the temperature inside the compartments by up to 10 degrees.

The rear of the truck has a hydraulic lift which makes loading safe, easy and quick.  

The compartments have been designed to be completely dark when closed which has been hugely successful at keeping the animals calm during their journey.

We have also launched a bull lease program, which is available to our clients exclusively.

It is our way of committing to the future value of our own clients’ herds.

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